Our Hawaii Honeys

All of our honeys are produced right here on the Big Island of Hawaii. Our bee yards are tucked here and there in places that we think the bees will do well in, and where they will make extra honey we can harvest. Every location has its own unique mix of plants and trees that provide us an opportunity for exceptional honeys.

“We keep it Raw and untamed, just as it was intended to Bee!”

Hawaiian honeys collections

What a beautiful line-up of unique honeys from Paradise, if we do say so ourselves! Good Job Bees! Honey House produces raw, fine-crystallized, pure honeys. We are located on the Big Island of Hawaii and have bee yards in a number of hand picked locations.

We think all of our honeys are the Bee’s Knees! The “Bee’s Knees” is a phrase that was popularized in the roaring ’20’s. It carried the meaning of “the height of excellence” or to describe something delightful.

Raw Fine-Crystallized Kiawe Honey

 If ever there was a honey that would be worthy to be called the Bee’s Knees, it would have to be kiawe honey. It’s truly amazing. It has a delicate flavor, is very light in color and crystallizes very quickly. It will even crystallize in the hive if you don’t get it out in time.

Our Puako Mauka Kiawe (PMK) is our purest, lightest and smoothest kiawe. It comes from the first harvests in the height of the season. The Kohala Coast Kiawe (KCK) can also be as pure and smooth as the PMK, but may have nuances of other tropical nectars depending on the time of the season.

Multi-Floral Big Island Honey

If there’s anyone who loves the Big Island, it’s Bees! Our raw and untamed “Bee Island Love” honey celebrates the plethora of trees and plants that thrive in the multiple climates here on our beautiful island. Our “Waimea Winter” honey is an in season multi-floral honey that is from our town of Waimea.

It’s all about the master honey crafters discovering and gathering the nectars from the ever-changing seasonal blossoms. With this, the honey’s color, flavor and aroma will also vary, like a recipe that’s in constant motion. Every harvest treats you to delightful variety that flows from what we like to call “nature’s candy store”.  

Raw Upcountry Ohia-Lehua Honey

Our ohia-lehua honey hails from the blossom of the ohia tree which grows primarly on the upcountry slopes of the Big Island of Hawaii.  Like our other honeys, this honey is pure, raw and fine-crystallized.  It is smooth on the palette with delicate floral hints.