Raw Hawaii Honey

Our pure Hawaiian honeys are unfiltered, natural, and raw.  From the flower, to the hive, to you!

Introducing Kiawe Honey

Pure, raw Kiawe honey is one of our favorite honeys to share. This delicious white honey is made by our bees from the blossoms of the Kiawe tree.  We love our bees, and they of course, love to make honey! Our company specializes in small batch, raw, fine-crystallized and infused honeys. We take a lot of pride in every batch of honey from start to finish. Whether it’s harvesting at just the right time, carefully extracting, jarring or getting it to you in its most pristine condition, every step is equally important to us.  “We keep it Raw and untamed, just as it was intended to Bee!”

In today’s world, the bees need us almost as much as we need them. There are so many challenges facing them and us in this modern world. We are dedicated to keeping our bees strong and healthy without the use of harsh chemicals in or around our hives. As a small beekeeper, I am also able to keep bees in areas that larger operations can’t or won’t, kind of filling in the gaps. This is important for pollination and subsequently, the environment.” – David M. Davenport, Beekeeper / Owner

A Sweet Story in Every Jar

On each of our honey jars, we give you a snapshot of where the honey came from on our island. Whether it’s our “Waimea Winter” or our “Bee Island Love,” most of our honey varies season to season and even year to year. It’s like the master honey crafters are working from a recipe that’s in constant motion within their ever-changing environment. The one exception is our “Puako Mauka Kiawe“ honey, as it’s the purest kiawe we have and hails from a coastline forest of kiawe trees on the western arid side of our island.

white kiawe honey dripping into container straining the honey
honeybee on yellow flower getting pollen
honey bees on hive
jars of kiawe honey and flavored kiawe honey
honey bees on hive
jars of kiawe honey and flavored kiawe honey

Bee-Crafted in Hawaii & Never heated or Filtered.
Our Honey is Pure, Raw, & Natural.