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Welcome to a Sweet Taste of the Big Island!

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Welcome to a Sweet Taste of the Big Island!

Pure Raw Hawaiian Honey

Mahalo Nui for visiting our site.  Here at Good Job Bees (GJB), we love our bees, and they of course, love to make honey! Our family company specializes in small batch, raw, fine-crystallized honeys. From start to finish we take a lot of pride in bringing you the highest quality products we can. Whether it’s harvesting our honey at just the right time, carefully extracting and bottling, or getting it to you in its most pristine condition, every step is equally important to us.
“Our honeys will bring you as close to the hive as we can get you without a bee suit!”

Raw Organic Kiawe Honey from Puako Mauka Hawaii

Puakoa Mauka Organic Kiawe Honey

Raw Kiawe Honey from the Kohala Coast

Kohala Coast Kiawe Honey

Raw Kiawe Honey & Organic Vanilla Bean

Organic Kiawe Honey Vanilla Infused

What is Kiawe Honey?

Kiawe honey is a rare white honey with a delicate light flavor, and it’s quite well renowned in the honey world!  Kiawe honey quickly and naturally crystallizes with a buttery smooth texture if done right. It’s the carefully timed dance between harvest, extraction and bottling that gives us this wildly delicious, exceptional taste of our island home.

The kiawe tree grows in the arid, windward parts of the islands. It was brought to Hawaii back in the early 1800’s and is referred to as Hawaii’s mesquite tree. With it’s slender yellow blossoms, it invites the bees to gather it’s sweet water white nectar.  We patiently wait for the bees to fill the boxes with extra honey we can harvest.  Meticulous attention to detail is required. Too early and the honey’s not ready, too late, it crystallizes in the box and you loose it….

organic white kiawe honey with spoon
organic white kiawe honey with spoon

What is Kiawe Honey?

Kiawe honey comes from the flowers of the kiawe tree, a mesquite tree that grows in the volcanic soil of the Hawaiian islands.  It is a white honey with a creamy consistency and a delicate, sweet flavor that can be enjoyed by the spoonful.  When harvesting, care must be taken to harvest the honey at just the right time, as harvesting too soon will cause fermentation and too late will cause this honey to solidify inside of the honeycomb.  Our kiawe honey is pure, raw and natural and is never heated.

Explore GJB’s Hawaii Honeys & Products

Whether you’re a honey purist who delights in a monofloral honey or a culinary adventurist who enjoys a tantalizing honey infusion, or maybe you just love a multifloral; we have something for everyone.  We also have beautiful bees wax from our hives and a few other bee inspired products.

Bee Island Love Honey Jars

Hawaii Honeys

 We’re sure you’ll find something you love in our selection of fine-crystallized Raw Hawaiian honeys.

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Honey House Products

Discover fun honey house products including our signature Good Job Bees! Honey House canvas tote bags.

Hawaii bees wax small and medium blocks

Hawaiian Bees Wax

Make something special with our Hawaiian beeswax bars and blocks, available in small and large sizes.

At the Honey Farm

What’s the latest buzz at the honey farm?  Watch one of our Hawaii beekeeping videos to see what’s new or see our little honeybees in action and learn more about our beekeeping processess here on the Big Island.  You can also watch Good Job Bees! Honey House beekeeper, David Davinport, talk about his processes and discuss new and innovative ways to work inside of honey processing in Hawaii beekeeping.

A Sweet Story in Every Jar

honeybee on yellow flower getting pollen
honey bees on hive
white kiawe honey dripping into container straining the honey
Hawaiian kiawe honey varieties jars

Our bee yards are scattered mostly on the northern third of the island.  We love the diverse climates and flora our island has to offer, and subsequently, the varying honeys the bees craft. The honeys produced can vary from season to season and even year to year. We also have yards that have an abundance of a particular tree, like the kiawe tree, and in it’s season we will make our amazing kiawe honey.

Find our Honeys on the Big Island

Whether you live here or are just visiting the Big Island, please stop by our honey farm. Here on the farm, you can sample any of our honeys and purchase them or any of our other bee items as well. We are also in a growing number of retail locations around the Big Island, and of course it’s easy to shop right here in our online store.